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52 Ways To Find A Way

by Dennis McCurdy

This collection of short, insightful essays--one for each week of the year--provides wisdom, inspiration, motivation, and yes, an occasional kick in the BUTT.

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Price: $15.95 US

ISBN-13: 978-09798863-1-7

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52 Ways to Find A Way


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Book Description

Dennis McCurdy, author of Find A Way: A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Life, created these one-a-week, thought-provoking reminders to keep you motivated and help you attain your life goals.

"52 Ways to Find A Way is just the right dose for daily or weekly motivation."

Table of Contents

Foreword by Rita Schiano, author of Painting The Invisible Man and Sweet Bitter Love
Topics include:

  • The Road Not Taken
  • Design Your Life Your Way
  • The Law of Success Is Impersonal
  • Self-Talk
  • Synchronicity--What's That?
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Find Ways to Keep Going
  • Take Time to Think and Review Your Plan
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Flip Negative Self-Talk
  • Limitations
  • Be a 2%-er
  • I Have A Beef With Negative Beliefs
  • Are You Ready For Success?

Find A Way: A Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Life

by Dennis McCurdy

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Price: $19.95 US

ISBN-13: 978-09798863-0-0

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Find A Way by Dennis McCurdy


Book Description

There are no secrets to living a successful life, but there are basic principles you can use on your path to success. Understanding those principles and learning how to take action is the premise of Find A Way.

Dennis McCurdy has culled this information for you through personal stories, examples, and the wisdom of others. Find A Way is a valuable guide to helping you live the life you want for yourself.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: What It Means
Chapter 2: The Subconscious Mind
Chapter 3: Beliefs and Your Thoughts
Chapter 4: Fear: The Final Frontier
Chapter 5: Habits
Chapter 6: Self-Talk
Chapter 7: We Make Life Harder
Chapter 8: The Seventh Inning Stretch
Chapter 9: Life Vision and Goals
Chapter 10: Mastermind Groups, Goal Buddies, Partners
Chapter 11: Putting My Feet to the Fire
Chapter 12: Reflections
List of Quotations Referenced
Suggested Reading List
About The Author

What People Are Saying

"Dennis takes you on his journey as you reflect on your own."
-- Darren LaCroix, contributing author of The Masters Of Success and Toastmasters International's 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking

"Dennis McCurdy has pulled the wisdom of the masters and the down-to-earth street smarts from his own life to create an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand roadmap to success for the reader."
-- Margo Chevers, author of What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up<

"Dennis McCurdy's Find A Way is a straightforward compilation of suggestions that will simplify your life and set you on the path toward success. The book has the feel of a friendly neighbor sharing the secrets that enabled him to win in life. This is an easy read that pays big dividends. I enjoyed it and highly recommend Find A Way to anyone seeking motivation."
-- Tolly Burkan, author of Extreme Spirituality Radical Approaches to Awakening

"I've worked with numerous writers. The added value for me in working with someone like Dennis McCurdy is that his writing inspires me, challenges me to take risks, and teaches me valuable lessons. Find A Way stands out from other motivational books in that Dennis McCurdy lived his Find A Way program long before he even knew he had a method. His innate knowledge, bolstered by his years of embracing the writings of other great thinkers, is what sets Find A Way apart from other motivational books."
-- Rita Schiano, author of Painting The Invisible Man

"A truly honest, personal account of overcoming life's obstacles to achieve success. Find a Way is packed with practical advice and experiences that could only come from real life adventures. Informative and inspirational.
-- Karen A. Conners

"This book is one of the best self-improvement resources that I have read in a very long time. It reads easily and is filled with much wisdom and wit. The author provides his readers with many practical tools on how to improve their psychology and create success. This book will be helpful to anyone. Whether you are a businessman or woman, househusband or wife, a motivational junky or the average Joe, Find A Way is well worth the modest investment of time and money. In fact, you'll want to read it again and again."
-- S.M. Carrie

"This book was intelligently written. The author did not "start at the top" but became very successful by following simple principles and sharing key information, nuances and anecdotes along the way. Successful people appreciate knowing that everyone feels intimidated or less motivated sometimes. This book helps you to get off the couch or out from behind your desk and go after your goals with a vengeance! I look forward to the next book from this author!"
-- Carolyn Jane Alexander