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Dennis McCurdy

Dennis McCurdyIt is no wonder that business and personal coaching are his passion. Dennis A. McCurdyhas been involved in motivation his entire life. His talks, workshops, and speeches come from the heart. People find Dennis witty, entertaining, poignant, and inspiring as he illustrates how they, too, can Find A Way.

As president of Find A Way, Dennis developed, a six-week workshop and training program for individuals who want to move ahead, grow and invigorate their life, and reach for their dreams. Dennis speaks frequently about personal success and growth. He is a practical, and down-to-earth motivational speaker and coach dedicated to helping individuals grow and reach their potential. Even those who havenít figured out their direction will benefit greatly from Dennisí vast knowledge and experience.

A businessman since 1973, Dennis has been involved in the insurance, real estate, business coaching, accounting and tax business since 1973. He founded the Dennis A. McCurdy Insurance Agency in January 1975, and Dennis A. McCurdy & Associates in 1987. He holds an insurance broker license. In 1985, he became a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). Dennis received his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation in 1990. He is a member of the Independent Agents of America, The Society of Certified Insurance Counselors and the Society of Certified Financial Planners, and The National Association of Tax Professionals.

Dennis is a member of the Early Risers Toastmasters of Worcester, MA, and is the President and charter member of Village Toastmasters of Sturbridge, MA. He also trained with Tolly Burkan at the renowned Fire Walking Institute where he was certified to teach. Tolly Burkan is not a household name, however many of his students are: Tony Robbins, Edwene Gaines, T. Harv Eker, and Peggy Dylan.

A Vietnam Veteran, Dennis served at Phu Cat Airbase, Bin Din Province, Republic of South Vietnam as a machine gunner and mortar gunner, and squad leader with the 12th Security Police Squadron from July 1970 to July 1971.